Thursday, November 3, 2011


We are very pleased with our bonding time with Izaiah as things are starting to feel very natural.  We are praising God for this as well as for so many other blessings we have experienced, including the fact that Izaiah is finally drinking his bottle without us forcing the issue.  We had a rough start the first few days as he would not eat anything, but now he is taking his bottle very nicely.  A huge praise!  We are already starting to see his little neck muscles improve as he is trying to hold his head up better, but we are still very cautious with it.  This little guy needs muscle tone, but Daddy is already developing an exercise regiment with him and I know we will see improvement quickly.
One of my favorite things about Izaiah has been his eye contact with both of us.  He loves to watch us and look into our eyes.  We can stare into his sweet eyes and talk to him for hours.  Also, last night it was wonderful to put him to bed in his crib and to hear him cry when we put him down.  He preferred for us to hold him - that was awesome! 
We have spent the majority of our time in our hotel, which actually is good as we have had lots of quality time together without distractions.  (One of our group members pointed out that if we were home, we would be spending time doing dishes, cooking, laundry, etc., which I appreciated hearing as it is true.)  But we have also gotten out and done some sightseeing including a visit to the zoo, a museum, a stop along the Yellow River and a little shopping. 
We leave very early tomorrow morning to fly to Nanchang in the Jiangxi province and will meet our Lily on Sunday.  Please pray that the bonding with her goes as well as it has with Izaiah.  Although it is not cold here, (the temp has been much like home), we look forward to feeling the 70's and 80's over the next 2 weeks.  Thank you all for your prayers and support and for continuing to share this amazing experience with us. 

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