Thursday, November 17, 2011


We're home! Too tired to post much at this time, but please know that your prayers for our travel were powerfully heard as the airline gave us an extra seat for the flight (which would have been a nightmare otherwise), and both kids did remarkably well considering the long duration. We're all emotionally and physically depleted and in need of deep rest and renewal. Please pray that we can re-calibrate quickly. It's 10:40pm and our bodies are telling us it's noon tomorrow.

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  1. I'm praising God with you, friend. We are still recovering from jet lag. It is really hard. My house is littered with bodies that fall over on the floor at random times. I've barely started laundry, and just don't care at all about anything but the bare minimum. Thomas is really great, though.

    May your whole family be knitted together in love and peace as you recover.