Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update: Lily Grace

Yesterday was so hard for Lily that we are praying she has a good day today.  She did sleep hard throughout the night and is still sleeping at 7 am.  She needed that.  She cried so darn hard and really put up a fight when she was left with us.  Poor baby; she was just so scared but then she finally did start warming up to both of us.  She definitely has the fighting spirit of surviving in an orphanage.
We went to dinner last night and Lily ate very well.  She really opened up to us then and started to smile the most beautiful smile!  We have found that food is a great bonding tool.  She had a playful spirit and we heard her laugh.  We then went back to our room and tried giving Lily her first bath, which she did not like.  She did not want to sit in the water but would only squat down and looked afraid of the water.  We will be meeting with the orphanage director today and have many questions to ask including how they bathed her.
She did not want to go to sleep last night even though she was so tired.  Erich stood and rocked her and prayed over her until she fell asleep in his arms, which at that point only took a matter of minutes. 
Izaiah has been oblivious to our new family member and has been wonderfully happy throughout everything.  Lily doesn't seem to notice him much and is too overwhelmed getting used to us and her new surroundings. 
We have a busy day  ahead needing to complete lots of paperwork.  Please pray that our bonding with Lily progresses and that she will learn quickly to trust us and that we will have the wisdom needed to lovingly care for her precious heart.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  They are truly needed.  We are really starting to miss home and are now counting the days until we leave; we have 9 more full days here. 


  1. THERE is so much LOVE, enjoy your days without the stree of phone and LIFE here, ENJOY your Beautiful family. If you need another grandma I'd like the job!

  2. You guys are doing an amazing job! Enjoy your time as a family of 4.
    Praying for you all!!

  3. Such an amazing miracle to hear your stories unfolding...each day is a new day to behold God's hand bringing a stronger tie between you and your beautiful children! I rejoice with tears - how precious are your affections for your kids! Love your pictures and we are continuing to pray. It's just going to get better and better! Much love,
    Natalie and Gardiner