Friday, November 11, 2011

Update from Guangzhou

Greetings from Guangzhou! This post has to be quick because we're paying by the hour... go figure, free internet everywhere in China, until we get to the American-owned hotel!    Though we have to say it really is a fabulous place and just may be among the nicest hotels in China; they've truly saved the best for last! It's been amazing today seeing all the U.S. families from all over China converge here in Guangzhou to finish out their adoptions. We were actually commenting that at the medical facility this morning, the Americans may have actually been the majority! We think there are probably well over 30 families staying in our hotel.
Our flight here yesterday went well for Lily and daddy and not so well for mommy and Izaiah. They separated us when they assigned our seats for reasons too complicated to mention here, but Izaiah screamed the whole flight and we're not sure why. It could've been pressure on his ears, though he was fine the first flight. We'll need lots of prayers for both babies, as well as us, for the excruciatingly long flight home. We had their medical exams this morning at a beautiful "island" location just a few miles from our hotel. All the buildings on the island were built as consulates for various European countries back in the 20's, so the whole area has a New Orleans/Parisian feel to it. Really nice, and at last, clean air! We've seen blue skies this morning literally for the first time since we left Chicago. We have our big appointment at the U.S. consulate on Monday, which will wrap up our paperwork and secure the American Visa's that the babies will need to enter the U.S., even though they'll be citizens as soon as we land on U.S. soil... a little convoluted, but I guess that's just how it works. Both kids continue to do better and better every day. It's been an amazingly long, trying and yet unforgettable and beautiful trip. We will never be the same. There is much to share with everyone once we're finally home. We'll check back just as soon as we can.
In Christ Alone,  Erich and Jac

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  1. If you sign up for Marriott Rewards, they will give you free unlimited internet. We are home safe. Glad you are enjoying Guangzhou!