Friday, January 20, 2012

Not for the Squeamish!

We've just returned from Children's Memorial Hospital, where Izaiah had a successful installation of the device to begin retracting his premaxilla ("nubby"), which will properly prepare his mouth for the lip and palate repairs that he needs to restore proper function and appearance. As you can see from the pictures, it is certainly a foreign object in his little mouth, but he's already taking to it extremely well. A severe snowstorm today made our drive home terribly long (1.5 hours in and 5.5 hours home), and yet he never even made a fuss. He's just an absolute angel, and we're very proud of him!  We were so impressed with the professionalism and kindness of the staff at CMH. The level of service we received today has already put our minds at rest for our next surgery which, God willing, should be to close his lip and possibly a portion of his palate. We'll continue to update the blog when we can.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to all who've continually lifted our family up in prayer. As of now those prayers have been abundantly heard and answered in ways that have increased our faith and amazement at the grace and mercy and sovereign hand of our blessed Lord and Savior. To Him be all the glory!

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