Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Surgery

Izaiah will have a fairly aggressive surgery tomorrow morning. We've just spoken with our surgeon and he wants to do what is called a 'lip adhesion repair', which will grab the two parts of his existing upper lip and tie them together with stitches over his nub. This will apply pressure on the nub from both inside (using the appliance) and from the outside, using pressure from the upper lip. This also can aid in the final lip closure by stretching the upper lip and therefore making it more elastic when tied it into the lip portion of his nub during final closure. We've been cleared by our surgeon to make this an overnight inpatient event, if we decide that we want to stay for longer observation. One of the frustrating issues we've faced is arrving home from his operations and noticing that things are already shifted unfavorably. Since we're not very close to the hospital (90 miles) we may spend the night to ensure that everything is stable. We'll update as soon as possible. Love to all.


  1. We will be praying for your family and the doctors. With Love,
    Craig and Chris

  2. Praying- guess this is why I can't sleep tonight- Isaiah can get lots of prayer time. May God hold you all tightly tomorrow!