Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lookin Good!

Surgery went very well. We were actually a little shocked by how different he looks. He's very swollen and puffy, as you can tell by the pics. Once the swelling goes down it will look even better. They removed the cap behind his nub since he apparently doesn't need it anymore, but left the anchor piece of the appliance pinned into the roof of his mouth to keep his gumline in place while everything else heals. The tension from the two parts of his lip now tied into his nub will continue to pull his nub back into place. So overall the inside of his mouth looks very good. He has a cute little tooth coming in on the left side of the nub. It will actually be hard to even call it is his 'nub' anymore, because its already begun to look like part of his upper lip. His surgeon probably wants to close the palate next, prior to doing the final lip repair, so that he can begin working on his speech. Izaiah's spirits are great, but they want us to stay in the hospital tonight for observation. We are overall very satisfied and grateful for the outcome of this amazing surgery. More later... Good night from Chi-town (that's Chi-cago, not Chi-na) :) Thank you friends and family for all your prayers. They are truly the fuel that keeps us going. Soli Deo Gloria!!!


  1. He looks great- hope you get some rest in the hospital. Continuing to pray for you all.

  2. He looks wonderful. What a transformation these little ones are going through and what troopers. Still praying for you guys and your journey.

  3. Yea!! Sending long distance hugs and lots of prayers!