Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lily Gotcha Day - 1 Year!!!

Our long, long wait for our daughter ended one year ago today. It's difficult to find the words to describe how far we've come with our beautiful little girl. What began with so much heart-rending grief as Lily struggled to embrace her new life has become a wonderful, daily privilege of watching her blossom into a joyful, energetic, meticulous and huge-hearted little girl. We are unspeakably grateful to say that our bonding has grown by leaps and bounds and we've now come to feel like our family unit is very strong and at last feels "natural." Lily is a kind and affectionate 'big' sister to Izaiah. Her vocabulary has just recently taken huge strides as she is now speaking in whole (if sometimes broken) sentences and gets very excited when she's able to communicate effectively. She loves books, learning new skills and helping mommy with whatever she can.  She especially loves Bible stories and learning her monthly memory verses for Sunday school; hearing her recitations in broken baby English is youtube-worthy cute!!!! We are so blessed that words often seem hollow. We still sit on certain days and weep with joy that we have been tasked by our Heavenly Father with the gift of these wonderful children. 

Adoption is a God-given miracle of heart transformation that is available to all who simply hear the call and say "yes." Orphan Sunday was November 4th and we read a sobering statistic released by UNICEF that if just 7% of the world's 2 billion self-proclaimed Christians adopted just one orphan, that this statistic would be expunged and the world's 153 million orphans would be in forever families. So we must act, which can mean answering the call to adopt or actively supporting those who do. The miracle of being adopted by God into His eternal Kingdom is reflected on earth in perhaps no other way as when His people make the life decision to: 

"...bring the homeless poor into your house". Our Lord then promises that if we do this,
 "then shall your light break forth like dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily". -Isaiah 58:7&8

We ask everyone to please pray and listen to how the Spirit may be moving on your hearts in this area that is so intimately close to the heart of our Creator. It is to Him and Him alone that all the glory in Heaven and Earth is due. 

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

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