Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July and Avaline Skyy

Greetings All and Happy (slightly belated) 4th of July! For any who don't already know, Erich's eldest daughter Emma just gave us our first grandchild. Her name is Avaline Skyy Huntress, and she is absolutely beautiful. Born 7 pounds, 7 ounces on June 18th, she came into the world on the 70th birthday of Sir Paul McCartney as the hospital room rocked out to the finale of "Hey Jude"! Mother and baby are doing very well and we're all very excited. Our first 4th of July with the kids was wonderful, even though we here in the midwest are battling record setting temps (the 4th was a new record of 103 degrees)! The pics below were taken on the 4th, the outdoor shots at our hometown parade, where Jacquie's sister's family were the Grand Marshals.  Izaiah will have surgery to close his lip on August 31st. It will be fairly easy on him and difficult for mommy and daddy, who will have a bit of a hard time seeing his beautiful face look different! Love to all.

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