Monday, April 30, 2012

Before and After: What 6 Months Can Do!!!

6 months ago today, we held our son for the very first time. It was love at first sight. We can't believe the transformation that we are blessed to witness as our baby boy rapidly grows and flourishes. On October 30th, he was 16 pounds and as frail as a newborn. Today he's a 26 pound tank, is scooting everywhere on his behind, stands (with assistance), sits up on his own, and is starting to get into everything he can!  He loves playing with his toys and will spend hours throwing things, flipping through books and filling his mind with everything around him. Just this week, he's learned "So Big" and to wave "goodbye/hello". When we ask him for a kiss, he now leans his head forward so we can plant a kiss on his forehead or cheeks. He kicks with excitement and laughs when he feels the wind in his face. He and his sister are playing together more and more, and it's wonderful to witness them showing genuine affection for each other. His next surgery to repair his hard palate is scheduled for early June. We are anxious to have this behind us so that he can begin eating solid foods without complications.  His lip will be closed at the end of summer, which will be bittersweet for his daddy and mommy, who love his beautiful smile just as it is. Izaiah brings joy and light into our lives every day in ways that we never could have imagined, and we praise our God for gifting him to us, as well as his wonderful, sweet and precious big sister. 

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  1. The girls and I were there, and still, this is so amazing! Thomas is pretty much similar to this miracle, and we see him every day, but it is still hard to believe. Six months of family is priceless. We are praising God with you!