Friday, December 2, 2011

2 Weeks Home

We've spent the last 2 weeks going through major adjustments and by God's great grace, we've come a very, very long way. Lily has gone from a state of deep sadness and hours of bedtime crying to spending the majority of her day with grins and smiles and going to bed without even a whimper... praise the Lord! She truly is a delight and is proving to be very curious and amazingly teachable. Adjusting has been easiest for Izaiah. He's been sleeping through the night for over a week now and is growing both in weight and awareness. Our pediatrician just saw the kids for the 2nd time and commented that "it's remarkable how much more light there is in his eyes than there was just 2 weeks ago". We're working with him constantly to develop muscle and dexterity. When he joined our family one month ago, he couldn't hold his head up in any direction. His neck now is strong, he's playing for extended periods in his Exersaucer, and we're now working on strengthening his core muscles and having him sit up on his own. He has so far to go to catch-up to where he should be, but with all the love, atttention and exercise he's getting, we're believing he'll get there quickly. Please be praying with us for him on his road to strength and healing.

One word we've exhausted recently: 'jetlag'. We were both quite surprised at the effects of this strange phenomenon. Extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, depression... all of the above. It took us a solid 10 days to really even notice a difference. We've wondered how people do the work of traversing the earth for a living.

To say it's good to be home is an understatement. We feel renewed with deep gratitude for the incredible blessings of everyday life here in America, and even just a place to call home. We're now looking forward to establishing new and necessary routines, as we continue to learn from and meet the needs of our new babies.

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  1. We've been praying for your adjustment and are so glad to hear how far the kids are coming. I've been checking your blog and am so relieved to see your post! We just did our first little road trip with Thomas and it went very well. Jetlag is so hard- glad you are feeling better. We miss you guys!